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Harder is the leader we need

To say that our representative Josh Harder has accomplished a lot for a freshman member of Congress would be an understatement — the results that he has delivered in his first year in office resemble those of a 25-year seasoned veteran. There is no finer example of Josh’s ability as a legislator than what he has demonstrated during the coronavirus crisis.

Josh ‘s actions have met the extreme challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic head on.  Whether it’s his recent tele-townhalls or his hazard pay and protections for essential workers initiative addressed to President Trump, Josh is playing a key role in addressing the crisis.  Josh has also introduced a bipartisan bill to allow 2020 college graduates to defer their student loans and he has urged Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to provide more support for rural schools.  He is in the process of introducing a bill to provide coronavirus vaccines to all Americans at no cost.  His amendment to provide tax credits for businesses that provide sick leave to coronavirus afflicted employees was passed into law.

What I like best about Josh’s approach is embodied in what he said during the recent primary debate. He adamantly stated that he will work with anyone on either side of the aisle to get good things done for the Central Valley. He has proven this again and again in the votes he has taken, the bills he has sponsored and the committee work he has done. 

This type of nonpartisanship is in keeping with our first U.S. president who warned us against “factions” in his farewell address.  This profound advice and Representative Harder’s approach will serve us well during this urgent time.

— Steve Pierce, Turlock