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Harder working on bipartisan solutions
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Dear Editor,

Last month I was able to speak with Rep. Josh Harder about job creation. He listened and spoke to me with genuine concern and I was surprised to learn he had similar thoughts and ideas about boosting employment, not only locally, but nationwide.

Recently, I heard about the amendment to help veterans get free child care while dealing with mental health crises. That's one less worry for veterans and hopefully, the beginning of meeting more of their needs. The best thing was it was done with Republicans help. He met with Republican Rep. Van Taylor and brought farmer John Casazza to hear the State of the Union with him. Harder and Taylor found agreement on several issues and both are committed to bipartisanship, while Casazza is able to be part of working with others, no matter party, or whether elected official or regular citizen, to get things working well for the valley.

This is great and I hope to see more of it in the future.

— Margie Sue Brogdon