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Howze finds ways to make our community a better place to live

Dear Editor: 

I’ve never been very political and registered as "Independent." I vote for the person and their values, not their party affiliation. Every summer when we go to the Stanislaus County Fair, we walk through the exhibits and stop at various candidates’ booths.  Last summer, we stopped and talked to Ted Howze, candidate for Congress in our district. I was impressed with his views and value system. He worked in several "service" jobs as he put himself through veterinary college.  While raising his family, he was actively involved with his children's activities and also in serving his community in leadership roles. 

On Jan. 7, I attended the RPSC’s Central Committee forum. It was informative with all three Republican candidates participating.  The candidates had a time limit in which to answer questions on their ideas and views. I liked each candidate, but I again liked what Ted Howze had to say. Ted is also from the Central Valley; we need someone who lives in our community and knows our problems.

On Jan. 22 at the State Theater, The Modesto Bee hosted a congressional candidates’ debate.  This was a new experience for me.  Several of the candidates showed who they are, especially under live audience pressure. I again liked how Ted Howze expressed his views and WHAT his values are.

Since this coronavirus, I have been sheltering-in-place as instructed. On Facebook, I’m seeing Ted Howze and his Operation Compassion Team out in our community serving meals to our first responders, veterans and elderly. They also had a bread give-away and have a program in place that helps seniors in need. Ted has compassion for his fellow man and finds ways to make our community a better and stronger place to live.

We need Ted Howze’s representation in Congress!

— Ann McCoy