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Its time for a new city council
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Dear Editor,

Since the primaries have ended and now voters in four and half months will be selecting a Mayor and two Turlock City Council members, it is informative to evaluate the work of the council in Turlock.

1. The bus system has been changed from a hub downtown to a new hub at Hawkeye Avenue and Dels Lane. The first hub and routes used to carry 5,000 more passengers per month than the present system. The new hub will cost $1.5 million to build and $20,000 a year to maintain.

2. The new Public Safety Facility, at a cost of approximately $39 million, will have to be partially funded by a bond issue of at least $25 million, which will mean added taxes.

3. The council spent $355,000 for a homeless shelter for 34 persons.

4. The streets have not been maintained or received their proper funding.

For the above reasons, I call the voters of Turlock to work for a new city council between now and Nov. 2.

— Pat Noda