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Life in America for an Assyrian
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I was born in Iran and now my family and I live in Turlock. Life between America and Iran is very different.

 The biggest difference is freedom, notably, religious and social freedoms. In this country you can have freedom about religion without somebody telling you how to think. You have freedom about the clothes you wear, how you wear your hair, or anything about your appearance. In Iran you can get in trouble with the police for the shoes that you wear! Especially important for my family is that every Sunday we can go to church and don’t have to fear about possibly being attacked by terrorists.

 The unequal laws make life very horrible in Iran if you are not a Muslim. For example, if you are a Christian and kill a Muslim, you would get the death penalty. However, if you are a Muslim and you kill somebody from a non-Muslim family, you are only required to give that family some money.

 A wonderful thing about America is that the cost of education is reasonable for adults and free for children. If you can earn excellent grades, you can get grants and loans to help you with your education

 Although America today has many problems about the economy, and I have not found a job here yet (I was an accountant and a high school accountant teacher previously), my family and I are glad that we are living in America.

— NinosYouhanna Eshagh