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Road history repeats itself
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The “Roads are Deplorably Bad” headline (which ran on the “This week in HISTORY” page of the July 4 issue of the Journal) could have been written today, July 6, 2009, a repeat of the 1909 headline!
I find it amazing that the county doesn’t see the need to fix or repair the roads in West Turlock. Merced County just came out and patched the potholes on Tegner Road and it is obvious that it stops at the county line.  Perhaps Stanislaus County can take a look at the situation as well. City of Turlock you’re not off the hook either, you annexed agriculture lands so it is up to you to take care of those country roads. If it is tax dollars you need, perhaps it would be easier to make them toll roads then those of us that use them can pay for the repairs. I am sure it would be cheaper than the alignments that are so often needed or the cost of replacing damaged tires.
— Pamela Sweeten