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Roman Catholic Bishops support Proposition 47
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Proposition 47 is the one proposition on the ballot for which the Roman Catholic Bishops of California have taken a position of support. "The California Safe Neighborhoods Act" is a step forward in reforming the broken criminal justice system in our state. It will provide educational support and treat mental illness to make our communities safer while addressing sentencing discrepancies in constructive ways.

The California Catholic Bishops support Proposition 47 because all human life is sacred and all social policies and actions in the realm of criminal justice begin with respect for the life and dignity of the human person. This means that we first of all stand in solidarity with the victims of crime and walk with them in their pain and offer healing. It also means that we support funding programs to prevent crime and to address its roots in poverty and lack of education.

The Catholic Church in the Diocese of Stockton is working with local communities and agencies on many fronts to bring about that justice which insures peace and safety. Proposition 47 is a realistic advance in reforming the criminal justice system.

 — Bishop Stephen Blaire