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The Turlock City Council is sleepwalking
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Is the Turlock City Council living in a dream world? Their actions seem to indicate they are for the following reasons:
1. They spent $355,000 on the homeless problem and came up with nothing.
2. They hired an inexperienced manager for $202,000 a year while Modesto hired an experienced manager for $100,000.
3. They voted to build a hub at Del’s Lane for $1.5 million for a bus system that is not paying its way. In fact, the bus system is getting 85 percent of its expenses from the state and federal governments. Not only that, but Greyhound offered a joint hub with Merced, START and Greyhound bus services for only $17,000 a year.
Isn’t it about time the City Council wake up from their dream? Are the voters going to let the council lead Turlock into bankruptcy and disaster or will we elect a new council?
We will have a choice a year from November.
— Pat Noda