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Time to put ethics back into city council
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The recall movement is alive and well in Hughson. After successfully obtaining the necessary signatures to be able to place the recall on a ballot, I can say that we are on our way in our campaign efforts to put some ethics and order back into our City Council.I am so proud of the six candidates who have stepped forward to replace the three that the Civil Grand Jury found in violation of political ethics laws. These six — two each running for the three positions — are candidates who have no ties to each other, and are of strong ethical character.The three council men could have stepped down like they were asked, and save the city the cost of a special election, but they chose not to and have lost the trust and confidence of the majority of people in Hughson.Whether elected or appointed, city officials are there to serve the needs of the public and not vice versa. The people of Hughson have had enough. The outcome is now in the hands of the voters. Vote “Yes” on the recall.— Dianne David