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Turlock needs Higgins on the Council

I was raised in Turlock since 1976. I moved to Modesto as an adult but continued to keep my feet planted here. I returned to Turlock in 2021. The small-town safety net that I enjoyed growing up is lost. Slated council members and poor city planning has changed our town and not for the good. As the growth of California is rapidly declining, our town is growing. Growth from the Bay Area is bringing ill prepared hardships that need fixing now. The defunding of our first responders has taken the biggest toll on us all. The homeless crisis and crime our town is facing can no longer be tolerated. Our roads and City services are a nightmare, with the high sales tax of 8.62% its one of the highest in the state. We need a true change of leadership. I have researched each City Council Member and I am truly impressed with Kelly Higgins. The integrity to jump away from her comfort zone to work towards kitchen table issues that we are all facing. Real change is what Turlock needs and I truly believe Kelly Higgins will be the best representative for District 3

— Kathy Cruz