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Turlock pothole situation is a sham scam
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The average citizen is to be afforded a means to be heard and receive regress from the elected officials who represent them. This idea of law is woefully needed in Turlock. Early in December my car was damaged by a pot hole, which caused significant damage to my wallet and my vehicle. So, as any citizen, I filed a claim with the city reporting the pothole and the damage to my car.  

I was surprised to learn that my claim for recompense was rejected, with no explanation at all. So, I called what is listed on the letter as the city’s third-party administrator, Acclamation Insurance Management Services. When I called them I was informed the city denies all pot hole claims, under the guise that if they don’t know about them they can't be responsible. But they assured me that the city repairs any pot holes or dangerous road conditions within 72 hours of being made aware of them, which is another reason they are not liable for the damage they caused my property. But the nice man on the phone said I could always take the city to small claims court if I so choose. 

I choose to make my fellow citizens aware that our city wants to take this as either a blind faith or stupidity approach in saying they don't know our streets have potholes, when we all know it is a recurring issue caused by a massive lack of maintenance and upkeep. I would ask where is the extra tax money we get hit with going, if not to the road repairs we voted it to be used for?  

So, I would like my fellow citizens to join with me in reporting every pothole or road issue before they get big enough to cause vehicle damage. Remember, they will repair them within 72 hours — the nice man from A.I.M.S said so, and this way the city cannot deny to pay damage to other people’s vehicles by their poor neglect of our roads. 

 — Gary Miller