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Vote for Bates and a new direction on our city council
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Let’s talk about facts and integrity

Fact: Amy Bublak had an opportunity to question the actions of Mayor Soiseth when he took unethical actions against the volunteer farmers market, she didn’t. The fact is, Bublak could have stood with Councilmember Nascimento, she didn’t.  She was a bully along with Mayor Soiseth.

Fact: Bublak could have voted for a meaningful campaign finance reform ordinance – again, she could have stood with Nascimento – she voted for Soiseth and DeHart’s meaningless campaign rule. No one bullied Bublak.

Fact: Amy Bublak voted with Soiseth on almost every budget item; she wasn’t bullied. Nor was she bullied to vote with Soiseth 100 percent of the time when she served on the SRWA (Stanislaus Regional Water Authority).

Fact: Brad Bates addressed the need for campaign reform at city council meetings; he protested the corrupt actions against the volunteer farmers market.

And, long before Bublak was questioning the ill-fated city budget, Brad Bates had thrown in his hat to run for mayor; he called the city’s budget a train off the tracks. 

Fact: In 2017, Mayor Soiseth was quoted in New York Magazine, “I do struggle with my Republican identity and the fact that I’m a social progressive. I did not support Trump… I did vote for Hillary.”

Fact: There was deception and a lack of integrity when Soiseth recently asked for, and received, endorsement by the Republican Central Committee. Soiseth did not vote Republican. 

Fact: Brad Bates removed himself from endorsement by any Political Action Committee or political party. He said we know to be true; such actions can create conflicts of interest.

I’m voting for Brad Bates for a new direction on our city council.

 — Rowena Ballard