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Vote for Howze, a change in the right direction

Wake up!  Open your eyes, ears and minds.  Listen to our President.  Unlike our Governor, Trump is trying to improve our lives, responsibly. He told us we don’t have the resources to support illegal immigrants. Some say it’s racist and un-American to want to protect our own first.    

We were warned Governor Newsom would do to California what was done to San Francisco. In spite of being unable to care for our own citizens, Newsom still welcomes illegal immigrants, offering free medical etc.  Then there he is asking trained medical people to come out of retirement or graduate early, whatever.  And he does not know how the virus came to California.  How is this being responsible?

Even if you don't like our President, listen to him; then listen to Governor Newsom. If John Cox had been elected instead of Newsom, we wouldn't be in this mess. Don't forget water and septic before our governor invites people from other states and 103 countries for "free" everything. 

Josh Harder supports Newsom in his destruction of California. Make Harder, Newsom's protege, a one-term representative. Vote Ted Howze, Republican, for Congress for a change in the right direction and another responsible voice in Washington!

— Leanna Cox, Turlock