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We need help on the Westside
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In response to the letter to the editor about Westside discrimination which ran in the July 8 issue of the Journal, I agree 100 percent with the writer.  
On the west side of town between Golden State Boulevard and Hwy. 99 we have a lot of crime. I live on the Westside and so far I know of drive-by shootings, car thefts, home invasions, drug dealings and gang violence. This is what is going on within a few blocks from my home. I even have had someone try to break into my truck, but the key that they used broke off in the key slot.
The last three weeks I have been following the items in the Journal crime map and I see that we get at least eight or more crimes that are recorded in each Journal paper. We need more patrols in this area and also the roads need to be fixed. We have speeders that think that Grant Avenue is a speedway for racing.
The City officials and/or city manager needs to address all these issues. I understand that the City was offered outside help from a group called the Guardian Angels and the City said no that we did not need the help. What is wrong with hiring outside help?  
To the City officials: Do not turn off the lights or lay off our policemen. We need them to help stop the crime on the Westside. Think about us, we are voters and tax payers too.
— Peggy Grubbs