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Truck, tractor pulls deliver high octane action
Tractor Pull pic1
Traditional farming equipment is put to the test during the Tractor Pull event at the Stanislaus County Fair. - photo by EDDIE RUIZ / The Journal

Truck and Tractor Pull Results

July 17, 2013

4X4 5500 Str. Mod.

1st:   Ace Rocha, Denair, 214.6 feet

2nd:   Jon Beck, Hickman, 214.3 feet

3rd:    Dave Blount, Oakdale, 189.1 feet


4x4 Truck 6500 Str. Mod.

1st:  John Boer, Modesto, 209.3 feet

2nd:  Kelly Selman, Newman, 199.0 feet

3rd:  Kayla Avila, Modesto, 191.6 feet


4X4 8000 Factory Stock Diesel

1st:  Dan Rollins, Waterford, 271.5 feet

2nd:  Bryant Desaire, Denair, 251.3 feet

3rd: Josh Irazarry, Waterford, 242.8 feet


4X4 Truck 6000 Super Stock

1st:  Frank Andreotti, Half Moon Bay, 204.91 feet

2nd:  Ralph Serpa, Newman, 187.20 feet

3rd:  Michael, Mendes, Hilmar, 90.46 feet


4x4 Truck 8000 Street Modified Diesel

1st:  Chase Crawford, Oakdale, 284.1 feet

2nd:  Gerrit de Witte, Modesto, 269.0 feet

3rd:  Fabio Rocha, Turlock, 268.8 feet


4X4 8000 Super Street Diesel

1st:  John Esteves, Oakdale, 277.3 feet

2nd:  Albert Mendes, Crows Landing, 266.4 feet

3rd:  Russ Wullenwaber, Los Banos, 219.7 feet


9300 Super Farm Stock & Mixed Modifieds

1st:  Jeff Perry, Hilmar, 360.3 feet

2nd:  Wendel Trinkler, 326.3 feet


4000 Class A Stock

1st:  John Medeiros, Manteca, 167.84 feet

2nd: John Bernard, Patterson, 159.58 feet

 3rd: John Vieira, Tracy, 159.06 feet


4500 Class D Econo Mod.

1st:  Dirk Piersma, Turlock, 167.49 feet

2nd:  Dan Gillit, Manteca, 155.77 feet


5500 Class G Antique

1st: Carl Dutra, Hilmar, 176.30 feet

2nd:  Jason Avila, Modesto, 128.09 feet


8000 Class P Stock

1st: Tim Chipponeri, Hilmar, 240.17 feet

2nd: John D. Van Ruler, Hilmar, 238.32 feet


Over 118 vehicles, equipped with multiple engines and other modifications, competed in 33 different classes to see who could drag a 44,000 pound sled the furthest on Wednesday at the Stanislaus County Fair's annual truck and tractor pull event.

 “I thought it was a very successful pull. This is an annual activity we do at the fair and we're thankful for the opportunity,” event host Dick Piersma said.

It has only been three years since the Valley Stock Tractor Pullers broke out on their own. Prior to that, the tractor pull event had been promoted by John Shipman Sports, dating back 20 plus years.

“We’ve been doing the fair for over 20 years. It’s a good event that many people of all ages attend and enjoy,” Piersma said.

Some drivers think of the pulls as a hobby, but for others it’s a passion, rooted in years of tradition and love for the sport.

“Our club is mostly made up of antique tractors, but we love having the modified tractors. It puts on a great show for the people. It’s a hobby and fun,” Piersma said.

Local competitors fared well at Wednesday's event. Dirk Piersma of Turlock placed first in the 4500 Class D Econo Modification with a distance of 167.49 feet. Piersma also took first in the 6000 Class J Stock with a distance of 122.98. Julian Dutra from Hilmar placed third in the 4500 Class E Antique with a distance of 181.17. Carl Dutra, also out of Hilmar, won the 5500 Class G Antique with a distance of 176.30.

Woody Jerritsma out of Hilmar took home a first place finish in the 6500 Class M Antique with a 197.8 distance and also took second in the 7500 Class O Antique with a distance of 238.01.

“Everything went very smooth and there was a large variety of vehicles that came from antiques to local to tractors to extreme modified,” Piersma said.