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Pitman downs Falcons
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The Pitman Pride football team picked up another away game victory, beating out the Atwater Falcons, 20-7,  in a rainy match at Atwater’s home stadium Friday night.

With the rain in play, incomplete passes and fumbles plagued both teams. Atwater settled for fourth down punts most of the first quarter after Pitman’s Micah Millentree managed the first touchdown of the night.

Pitman head coach Tom Tyler said he was happy with his team’s effort, despite the weather’s overall affect on the game.

“We did a decent job,” Tyler said. “The team played a tough game with tough conditions.”

Halfway into the second quarter, Atwater picked up two first downs, capitalizing off Pitman penalties and running in for their first and only touchdown of the night.

While the two league competitors had the score tied up 7-7 in the second quarter, Atwater’s efforts weren’t enough as the Pride’s executions were kept in their own favor.

After Pitman’s Quentin Hernandez managed to gain rushing yards for a first down, Pitman was set up to score again before the end of the second quarter.

Hernandez then received the completed pass for another Pride touchdown, taking the Pride into the lead 14-7 after another successful kick for an extra point.

The third quarter was noticeably quiet, as both the Pride and the Falcons played the defensive game against sloppy executions made in the pouring rain.

Atwater senior Salvador Duran rushed for 60 yards toward the end of the third quarter, but Pitman managed to recover a fumble before the Falcons had time to score.

During the fourth quarter, Pitman’s Hernandez and Blake Mcbay completed yards, gaining the team’s first downs to set them up for their final touchdown of the night.

After a completed pass to Pitman senior Donovan Bravo, the Pride found themselves set up at the 1 yard line.

The handoff was made to Pitman RB Titus Schammel, who ran the ball in for the Pride’s final touchdown.

Once the Pride had regained control of the ball again after recovering another Atwater fumble, enough yards were gained to hold the Falcons to the game’s final score of 20-7.

“Defense was good tonight,”  Tyler said. “Offense was held up by the bad weather, but they played their best to play through the given conditions.”

The Pride will compete for a playoff berth in a critical Harvest Bowl matchup crosstown rival Turlock High at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Joe Debely Stadium.