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Pitman girls soccer tops Sonora
Pitman girls soccer 1
Emily Alvarez of Pitman High scored one of two goals in their 2-1 win over Sonora High on Monday from home (EDDIE RUIZ/The Journal).

The Pitman High girls soccer team secured its fourth win of the season on Monday, but it wasn’t under easy circumstances.

The Pride was missing nearly half a dozen players, but that didn’t stop Emily Alvarez and Alexis Bagnani from each scoring a goal and Mya Sanchez making critical saves to help secure a 2-1 win for Pitman. 

“The week before we started our first preseason game, we had one get a concussion, one got sick, and a lot of pulled muscles. We had a roster of 20 go down to 14,” said Pitman head coach Annabel Perez. “This weekend we had two come back, but then another two went down, so just a battle with injuries as well.” 

The Pride competed in their home tournament this past weekend where they went 2-1, including a 5-0 victory over Sonora High. 

Pitman girls soccer 2
Pitman High senior Alexis Bagnani (5) notched the second goal of Monday's 2-1 win over Sonora High (EDDIE RUIZ/The Journal).

“I think over the weekend we were able to try different things and move things around. I think the girls are coming together and continuing to learn. They are working together, slowly but surely. Started off kind of rough, but it is coming together,” said Perez. “I think we will be okay, health wise, as long as we keep working together and fill those gaps.”

It took 17 minutes for the stalemate to be broken after Alvarez found the back of the net to go up 1-0. 

Pitman kept the pace up for the remainder of the first half and then with nine minutes left Digna Marquez forced a corner kick. 

The set piece led to the second straight goal for the Pride when Bagnani headed it in and made it 2-0. 

In the final 15 minutes of the first half Pitman controlled the pace of the game and held possession for the majority of the time, forcing shots time and time again. 

The ratio of shots was three for the Pride for every one of the Wildcats’ in the first half after the Pride saw double digit shots. There was a 30-minute time frame during the game where they attempted a shot at least nine times. 

Pitman maintained their lead heading into halftime at 2-0. 

Sonora came out ready to play in the second half and goalkeeper Sanchez was forced to make some critical saves immediately. 

“Mya helps us a lot, but I think Lola Strangfeld stepped it up a lot, sophomore, she has helped a lot,” Perez added. 

Alvarez found herself in a one-on-one situation with the opposing goalkeeper just six minutes into the second half.  

Sonora scored their first goal of the game with 14 minutes remaining and Pitman held on for the second straight win over the Wildcats. 

Pitman’s overall record improves to 4-4 while they have won four of the last five games. 

So far, the Pride have only lost to Sierra, Clovis West, El Capitan and Pleasant Grove.

Pitman will next host Central Valley at 3 p.m. Wednesday.