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Bikers complete inaugural race around Turlock Lake
Turlock Road Race
Bikers compete in the inaugural Turlock Lake Road Race on Saturday. - photo by Photo courtesy of Heather Graves

Turlock Lake Road Race

Men’s Pro Race

1. Frank Spiteri, Marco Pro-Strava

2. Steve Reaney, California Giant Berry Farms

3. Kirk Carlsen, Chipotle

4. Uriy Urchenka, Third Pillar

5. Sinelnikau, Aliaksandr, Third Pillar

6. Martin Acosta, McGuire Cycling Team

7. Peter Taylor, California Giant Berry Farms

8. Kenny Strickland, SJBC

9. Peter Graf, Fremont Bank Cycling Team

10. Michael Jasinski, Fremont Bank Cycling Team

Women’s Pro Race

1. Jane Despas, Yahoo! Cycling Team

2. Emily Mathen

3. Jane Robertson, Metromint Cycling

4. Marley smith, Touchstone Climbing

5. Emily Thurston, Missing Link/3 rd Rail

6. Kira Prokopakis, Los Gatos

7. Jennie Phillips, Wells Fargo Racing Team

8. Kim Wik, Sycomp Racing

9. Lucia Mokres, Los Gatos

10. Molly Van Houweling, Metromint Cycling
Nearly 500 bike racers completed the Turlock Lake Road Race on Saturday afternoon, wrapping up the inaugural event at Turlock Lake in La Grange with expectations that it will attract a greater attendance next year, said Robert Bell, the marketing director for Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team, also the organizer.
About 300 spectators attended the event, which, Bell said, hopes to gain more of an audience after having such a successful run this year.
“The support from the local businesses and the city of Turlock was incredible,” he added. “(If it weren’t for them), it wouldn’t have gone as well as it did.”
Next year, Bell said, the race hopes to become a two-day event and attract some 2,500-3,000 people, including racers and spectators, all to help boost the local economy.
“We hope to use this as an economic shot in the arm for Turlock,” Bell said.
Frank Spiteri of Marc Pro-Strava won the men’s pro race and Jane Despas of Yahoo! Cycling Team captured the women’s title. The race was a 26.7-mile loop around Turlock Lake, with the pros completing eight laps. The lower categories of racers did as little as 52 miles, as there were a total of eight races.
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