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Dont let your boat sit too long
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It puzzles me sometimes how something can break without even being used.
Because of a busy schedule, I was unable to get my boat out for a few months. When I last used it, everything was working perfectly. Upon starting my boat, everything seemed to be working great, until I looked at my fuel gauge. It was stuck on empty, I tapped on it, and looked for loose wires, but nothing seemed to work.
Knowing that I had enough fuel for the day, I wasn't going to let a fuel gauge stop me from fishing; it did make me wonder what the problem was though. Then, once at my spot, I dropped my electric trolling motor into the water and pushed on the accelerator pedal, and got nothing. My boat then began drifting towards the bank as I frantically tried to figure out what the problem was. All of a sudden, the engine turned on and it started working like new.
I ended up not having a single problem the rest of the day but once again, I wondered what the problem was. I always have said the worst thing you can do to a boat was to let it sit. This past experience leads me to believe that when it comes to boats, you'll get more out of them if you use them, instead of letting them sit.
Also, if it's been a few months since you've taken it out; don't assume everything is in perfect working order. I recommend testing everything out, before you head out.

Delta Report:
Striped bass fishing is starting to pick up for anglers fishing live bait around Franks Tract and Discovery Bay. Anglers are using live mudsuckers or bluegill to catch their limits of fish. Bass fishing is slow right now for anglers. Now that the water temperatures are in the low 50s anglers are using mainly jigs and creature baits for their bites. Bluegill can still be caught around most docks but you must move around until you find them.

New Melones Lake:
Melanie Lewis of Glory Hole Sporting Goods in Angels Camp said, "Trout fishing is good and getting better with 2 to 3-pound holdovers in addition to the planters." Bank anglers are getting in on the act with the best action in the morning with Power Bait on a sliding sinker rig in the shallow waters in the backs of Angels or Glory Hole Coves. Kastmasters or ExCels scented with threadfin shad scent or Pautske's Eggs are also effective from the banks.

Lake Amador:
The Tackle Box Café at Lake Amador reported they continue to plant 1000-pounds every weekday, and trolling has been picking up in addition to good action from the banks. The Sons in Retirement/Jolly Hookers out of the Sacramento area held a derby at the lake on Tuesday, and the 22 members of the club weighed in 37 fish to 2-pounds, 6-ounces.

Lake Don Pedro:
Monte Smith of Gold Country Sport Fishing said, "The lake hasn't turned over yet, but the water is clear in the 62 to 64 degree range." Danny Layne of Fishn' Dan's Guide Service said, "The shad is moving towards structure and warmer water, so trolling closer to shore is a good idea." He's been finding good action for holdovers and recently planted trout with small Needlefish, Shasta Tackle's Humdingers, ExCels, or Triple Teasers at depths from 20 to 40 feet off of Laughlin Island, Big Oak Island, and near Graveyard Bay.

Lake Camanche:
Anglers are doing well while fishing for trout both out of the ponds and in the main lake. Most anglers are fishing off the bank with power bait for limits up to 5 pounds. Currently, the lake and the ponds are being planted weekly with trout so the action should continue to pick up.

Tip of the Week:
I always keep a couple extra zip lock bags in my boat as well as a fishing cleaning kit. Usually, I don't keep my catch but when I do catch something that I plan on keeping, I can clean and pack my fillets in ice before I leave the lake. Also, the zip lock bags have come in handy for other things, like keeping my cell phone and wallet dry during an unexpected downpour.