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Nothing like Valley fishing
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Back in 1989 my family moved to Manteca from San Jose. Before then, we would make the trip every weekend to fish mostly the Delta and Lake Amador. I was in my teens at the time, so I didn’t mind the drive. Actually, I slept most of the way home but not the way there, I stayed awake for every mile.

I actually remember heading over the Altamont Pass thinking to myself that we were almost there. On our way home, I used to wish to someday live closer to the lakes that I loved to fish so much. I lived for those weekends of fishing; they really helped me get through those awkward teen years. So when my dad came home one evening and told us we were moving to Manteca, it didn’t take me long to pack up.

Once in Manteca, I remember the first two things I did, I went looking for the school I was going to be attending, and then I went to Fisherman’s Warehouse, which used to be Delta Bait and Tackle to ask where the closest fishing was. It was definitely a life changing experience for me; Manteca was a lot different from San Jose.

Over 20 years later and I couldn’t be happier with living here in the Valley. I don’t care where you live, there are always going to be complaints, my only complaint recently is that I don’t get out fishing nearly as much as I used to.


Delta Report:

Recent winds have made it tough on a lot of anglers as it’s become hard to fish weightless baits such as Senko’s. Anglers are doing fairly well while tossing rattle traps and spinner baits on the outside edges of grass mats. The bluegills are spawning right now making it a good time to catch nice sized bluegill throughout the Delta. Most anglers are using wax worms or red worms to entice the bluegills.


New Melones Lake:

The kokanee bite is really good right now. Anglers are catching limits of fish while trolling between 50 and 80 feet deep. Most anglers are trolling hootchies behind dodgers while tipped with shoe peg corn. This time of year is really good for Bass as they have yet to travel deep for the summer months. Lots of fish are being caught right now. The morning and evening top water bite is a must for visiting fishermen. Once the sun is up, try fishing Carolina rigs or Zoom Baby Brush Hogs in green pumpkin.


Lake Don Pedro:

The kokanee on Don Pedro are keeping anglers busy as they are catching them in good numbers. Most anglers are using spinners behind a dodger for kokanees between 9 and 13 inches long. The bite is wide open right now. Bass fishing is good right now as there are still a lot of fish to be found up shallow. Anglers are doing well while fishing a variety of different baits such as Senko’s to Chatter Baits.


Lake Camanche:

The Trout fishing has really slowed down recently but the bass fishing has been excellent. Most Bass have been caught fairly shallow with plastics such as lizards and tube baits. The Crappie bite has been great for anglers fishing between 15 and 20 feet of water while fishing stick ups and brush piles. Night fishermen are also doing well using live minnows and crappie jigs under lights.


Lake Pardee:

The kokanee and trout have been found a little deeper recently for anglers trolling a little deeper. Mast anglers having any luck are trolling between 30 and 50 feet deep with spinners tipped with fire corn. Bass fishing remains good on the lake; the key to fishing the warmer months on the lake is finding submerged wood from fallen shoreline trees. The bass really like to hide and feed around the sparse wood.


Tip of the Week:

For some anglers the mere mention of color selection can bring up fish story after fish story. Personally I prefer to stick to the basic colors, my favorite being water

melon red flake. There are times when a change is necessary though, in muddy water darker colors are going to be more visible and in clearer water something more natural is always a good choice. Also, if you ever find yourself getting short struck, a subtle change in color can make a world of difference.



Bub Tosh from Paycheck Baits will be giving a demonstration on top water frogs and punching at 6 p.m. June 28 at Fisherman’s Warehouse in Manteca. Those who come will be given a free monofilament fill up on one reel of their choice, so make sure to bring a reel with you.