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This is your year USA fans
world cup pic
Bastian Schweinsteiger (7) of Germany and Graham Zusi (19) of USA grab some air during the group G World Cup soccer match between the USA and Germany at the Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil, on Thursday. - photo by AP Photo / Matthias Schrader

Here's a cool stat: In this year's World Cup more goals have been scored in the group stages than at any other World Cup with 32 teams competing. The tournament has seen 136 goals already, which tops the tallies of 130 and 126 in 2002 and 1998, respectively.

Games this year are averaging 2.83 goals per match. When factoring in finals matches, the last time teams scored so heavily was in 1970, with games averaging 2.96 goals scored a game. But it doesn't nearly compare to the 140 goals scored in 26 matches during the 1954 World Cup at an average of 5.38 per match.

American soccer fans have waited a long time to see such an offensive fury, and with the USA still in the running.

With record setting viewership for the Portugal v. USA game, this has to be the most successful and most watched World Cup since well, ever.

It is plain and simple, the United States has finally put up a team that can hang with the tough squads from Europe, like Germany as we saw in that one-nil game.

Holding off the Germans to one score is already a win for the US and its fans, but the fact that they nearly beat Portugal and obviously took out Ghana finally, the future cannot look any brighter for the red, white and blue.

The United States men's national soccer team is moving on to the Round of 16. This is the first time in history that they have made it to the round of 16 in back-to-back World Cup appearances—ever.

It is already an impressive feat that the US has been able to accomplish — which really explains why Jurgen Klinsmen was able to acquire a new contract to stay in the States for a few more years.

If the US can advance is still questionable, but who would anybody rather have them play than Belgium?

Belgium's inability to score goals and the fact that they were in probably the easiest group of the Cup made it a not-so-difficult run for Belgium, but the US has already faced really tough opponents so I believe they can hang with the waffle inventors.

Scoring has been difficult for them as they have yet to really see any goals scored in the first half.

Let's get real, Belgium has the youngest squad in the World Cup, especially in the Round of 16. With inexperience comes a lack of discipline and the fact that the players don't know each other and their tendencies as well as a team like Chile, Netherlands or even Mexico.


Mexico is ready to pick up from where they earned the Gold

Mexico, here is a team that has flown under the radar of many viewers across the globe, but do people really forget that this team won the 2012 Olympics by defeating Brazil?

Ten of these guys who were part of the gold medal run for Mexico return on the 23-man roster and they have truly picked up right where they left off.

Mexico has allowed only one goal in three contests during the World Cup group stage, with the only goal surrendered to Croatia. They also played to a 0-0 draw versus Brazil, which is already marked as one of the most memorable matches in the big tournament.

The defense, which is led and anchored by Rafael Marquez and Guillermo 'Memo' Ochoa, will have to play perhaps an even better game than when they played against Brazil. That may be asking for a lot, but if you have actually watched Mexico play in all three games you know it's possible.

This team plays as a unit; sure, their style can be unorthodox and strange at times but they are smart and trust each other, they know where one will be before making a pass.

They have shown to be able to strike and score multiple ways. Their defense has just been on point with young Miguel Layun and Paul Aguilar playing at the wingback positions.

Hector Herrera will continue to have to be the man, but this will be the match where all his strikes from a  distance will have to be made if Mexico stands any chance against the Dutch on Sunday.