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Ted Howze hired to lead Denair football
Ted Howze

Ted Howze developed an ambition to coach football when he was 15 years old. Four years later he found himself at the helm of his first football team and his ambition became his passion. Since then, Howze has coached exclusively at the youth level, but that’s about to change.

Howze was recently tapped to become the new varsity football coach at Denair High for his first job at the high school level, fulfilling a dream 32 years in the making.

“I had a freshman football coach who I just idolized, his name was Walt Parper, and he just made football such a great experience for the kids who played for him, emphasizing the lessons of life:  teamwork, hard work, dedication to what you’re doing,” Howze said. 

“I just knew when I grew up someday I wanted to coach football.”

Though he’s only recently been named as the Coyotes’ head coach, Howze already has big plans to revitalize Denair’s football program from square one. Using his time as a youth coach to develop a blueprint for his high school ambitions, Howze has a conditioning program, academic standards, a playbook, and staff in place and ready to be implemented.

“Since the first time that I applied for this job I have done a tremendous amount of background work, preparing for what a high school program would look like if I built one from the ground up,” Howze said.

“One of the very first things we’re going to do, here in the coming week, is institute a completely new strength and conditioning program from top to bottom for the school. We’re going to work on getting our athletes in condition to compete in the Southern League.”

As for his staff, coaches include Shay Muirbrook, a former BYU and Oakland Raiders linebacker who will act as Denair’s defensive coordinator.

“I have been building a solid core of coaches to coaches with me for years at the youth level. In fact, I’ve got four coaches coming from the youth level to join me at Denair High school,” Howze said.

“These are quality coaches regardless of any level they’ve been coaching at.”

Howze and his staff will take over a Denair team that went winless in both Southern League and non-conference play last season.

Howze’s long-term plan for the Coyotes is a turnaround of the entire program, not just the varsity team, which involves increasing the football IQs of his players and instilling in them a foundation of discipline.

Denair is also expected to run a multiple formation, direct snap offense with an attack based on speed and athleticism over size and strength.

“We’re excited to get started and looking forwarded to working with the young men,” Howze said.

“We’re excited to bring back some of the pride the community’s had for the program in past years. We want our Friday night’s to be fun again in Denair.”