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Turlock students shine at Punt, Pass and Kick competition
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Last weekend was the Sacramento sectional Punt, Pass and Kick competition which brought kids from the entire Central Valley to try for a spot to compete during a professional NFL game.

Three kids from Turlock’s Medeiros Elementary school were able to place in the top spots as two-time sectional champion, Mya Sanchez took the first place position in the 8-9 year old girl division and Avery Sanchez and Hailey Bacon took second in the 6-7 year old boys and girls category.

 “The parents have become more competitive and supportive and they are training with their kids before competing,” teacher and PPK host at Medeiros Aimee Hendrix said. “I know Mya has been training all the time and she enjoys the experience. She’s a hard working kid with school and sports. If she does it she does it well. The fact she moves on every year she motivates more kids all around.”

Only Mya will be move on to the next round after first place finisher Carly Hagen backed out for the sectional competition due to personal reasons. The Hagen family gave the opportunity to Mya to go even though she placed second and it was a grand opportunity for the two-time section winner.

“Carly won and backed out because she was unable to make it and her parents reached out and the families discussed it all and we spoke to the NFL and got all paperwork done in the end,” Hendrix said about the Hagen family giving Mya the opportunity to move on for the third time.

Despite finishing in second place for sectionals, Mya’s younger brother—Avery—will be looking to bounce back next year as his older sister continues to be an influence and drive him.

“Mya motivated our school overall and her brother, but it will be interesting what happens now,” Hendrix said. “If she does her best she could move on to go to a playoff game/nationals.”

The winners of the sectional will compete against the three other sectional winners (Utah, Nevada and Bay Area) on Dec. 8 at the San Francisco 49ers game against the Seattle Seahawks. They will be on the field at halftime.

Mya advances for the 3rd year in a row. She won the 49ers competition two years ago and the Oakland Raiders competition last year.