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Little League All-Star tournaments underway
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Turlock Little League All-Star Rosters


National League All-Stars

9-10 year olds

Rob Tury - coach (Dodgers)

Ethan Adamson (Giants)

Christian Avalos (Diamondbacks)

Heath Bacon (Nationals)

Holden Baldwin (Dodgers)

Ryan Tury (Dodgers)

Noah Baltazar (Rockies)

Than Fisher (Pirates)

John LeGrand (Pirates)

Daniel Orozco (Pirates)

Brayden Guiterrez (Marlins)

Jared Hack (Marlins)

Luke Redman (Marlins)


11-year olds

Jeremy Plaa - coach (Pirates)

Tanner Plaa (Pirates)

Lucas Lavezzo (Pirates)

Ronnie Rodin (Nationals)

Ryan Green (Nationals)

Austin Allen (Marlins)

Houston Sims (Marlins)

Andres Grande (Rockies)

Marino Cabero (Rockies)

Garret Estrada (Rockies)

Tyler Stout (Dodgers)

Caden Speckens (Giants)


12-year olds

John Garcia - coach

Kayleb Becerra (Rockies)

Noah Benson (Cardinals)

Austin Cameron (Nationals)

A.J. De La Riva (Pirates)

Anthony Encalade (Pirates)

Alex Garcia (Pirates)

Brett Hagen (Giants)

Steven Hoar (Marlins)

Garett Lema (Rockies)

Bobby Martinez (Nationals)

Brandon Pacheco (Dodgers)

Jack Wheeland (Rockies)




American League All-Stars


9-10 year olds

Leon Curtis - coach (Tigers)

Jonathan Neal (A’s)

Jake Abrams (Tigers)

Marky Delgadillo (Tigers)

Mathew Govea (Tigers)

Ryan Leonesio (Rangers)

Dalton Lynn (Yankees)

Jack Swanson (Yankees)

Mathew Livingston (Twins)

Andy Owen (Angels)

Cole Pacheco (Rivercats)

Denzel Steckwren (Indians)

Jonah Thompson (Rockhounds)


11-year olds

Nathan Mirza - coach (Rangers)

Arik Bains (Indians)

Clayton Sousa (Indians)

Casey Carr (Yankees)

Garret Fountain (Yankees)

Lucas Cutis (Tigers)

Justine Hines (Tigers)

Mason King (Angels)

Mike Mirza (Rangers)

Cody Curry (Rangers)

Case Pacheco (Royals)

Caleb Welch (Royals)

Ernesto Ramirez (A’s)

Antonio Reyes (Orioles)


12-year olds

Randy Hyner - coach (Yankees)

Brendon Curnow (Indians)

Dominic Nunes (Orioles)

Daniel Fareria (Orioles)

Tyler Etharidge (Rangers)

Michael Patterson (A's)

Dallin Tilby (Angels)

Dominic Silva (Rangers)

Alden Norquist (Twins)

Fabio Gutierrez (Royals)

Aaron Hayner (Yankees)

Dustin Grein (Rangers)

Breck Jeffus (Twins)

Clay Abrams (Tigers)

There was stiff competition between Turlock’s youth baseball players this summer. Nine to 12-year olds completed a tough, regular season in the American and National leagues as well as an exciting playoff tournament that culminated with the City Championships, the highlight for every Little League fan.

With so much talent spread around the two leagues and their many teams, fans have more to look forward to today as the California District 73 Little League All-Star Tournament begins. The tournament consists of three age brackets, 9-10 year olds, 11 year olds, and 12 year olds, and teams from both the American and National leagues. Turlock’s teams will face All-Stars from Los Banos National, Los Banos American, Atwater, Yosemite, Mariposa, and Sierra.

The 9-10 and 12 year old tournaments start today but the 11 year olds will have to wait until Monday to begin their All-Star tournament.

Today’s National All-Star games include the 9-10 year olds facing the Sierra All-Stars at Soderquist Park at 4 p.m. and the 12 year olds facing the Sierra All-Stars at Soderquist Park at 7 p.m. As for the American All-Star games, their 9-10 year olds will face the Los Banos National All-Stars at the Julien field at 10 a.m. and will be followed by the 12 year olds’ game against the Los Banos National All-Stars at Julien field at

On Monday, the 11 year old National All-Stars will host the Los Banos American All-Stars at Soderquist Park at 7 p.m. and the American All-Stars will travel to play the Los Banos National All-Stars at 7 p.m.

This All-Star Tournament isn’t the end of the little league season, however. Whichever team is crowned champions will advance to the Sections Tournament.