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Dog at center of Facebook threat OK, say police
facebook dog

Ceres police were inundated with calls Thursday from throughout the nation to check on the welfare of a dog whose life appeared threatened on a Ceres man's Facebook page that went viral.

A disturbing post by Mark Joiner Jr. of Ceres went viral from concerned dog lovers from all over the country as far east as Florida. Joiner uploaded a picture of a dog and vented about it defecating on his bed and chewing up his belongings. The entire post reads: "This stupid little dog s--- on my bed last night. Anybody want her? She's cute but she'll eat your shoes and everything else she can get a hold of. She's FREE. Pick her up today or she's will be shot and stuck in a hole buy (sic) 9pm. Actually I'll give anybody who takes her 20 bucks."

The post was shared by concerned citizens via Facebook, reposted on the Ceres Police Department Facebook page, and approximately 40 to 50 reports about the post came in from at least five different states.

Officers went to Joiner's Ceres home to check out the report and check on the animal's welfare and were assured that he was only venting. The dog appeared to be unharmed.
"He was venting about his dog and he made those comments .... that's all it was — a vent," said Deputy Chief Mike Borges. "The dog is not in danger."

Angry calls were even being directed to Mark Joiner Sr., the owner of Aristocrat Limousine Service.

Borges said his department has always taken reports of animal cruelty seriously. Maliciously torturing or killing animals is a felony and should be reported to Stanislaus County Animal Services at 558-7387 or local police.

Rescue resources are also listed on the Animal Services website: