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Dog walk ends with injuries

A dog that broke its leash set off a chain of actions that ended with one person being treated for a dog bite and the dog owner injured with a garden tool.

Both injuries were not considered life-threatening and the dog is currently in quarantine, said Turlock Police Sgt. Michael Parmley.

The incident began around 4:15 p.m. Friday in the 500 block of Angelus Street.

The dog owner took his 3-year-old pit bull out for some fresh air on a leash, but the dog broke the leash and was on the loose.

The dog ran over and bit a nearby individual, Parmley said.

The owner was trying to stop the dog from biting when a third individual picked up a garden hand tool to try and stop the dog.

However, in the ruckus the dog’s owner ended up being stabbed in the back with the three-prong tool, which resulted in a trip to the hospital for a minor injury, Parmley said.

The dog bite was to the individual’s leg.

The dog was being quarantined at home and animal control was informed of the incident.