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Loaded gun brought to Turlock school
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A young girl inadvertently brought a loaded firearm to Cunningham Elementary on Tuesday after an adult in her home forgot to take the weapon out of her backpack.

The incident was reported to the Turlock Police Department, which conducted an investigation into the matter and found the girl, who is under the age of 12, had no idea the gun was in her backpack and acted with no ill will, said Turlock Police spokesperson Sgt. Russ Holeman.

The semi-automatic, loaded handgun had been placed in the girl’s backpack over the weekend by an adult who took it for a trip out of town. When the backpack was returned, the adult forgot to take the gun out of it, Holeman said.

The Turlock Unified School District said all safety protocols and procedures were followed when the gun was discovered and that all the students and staff were kept safe during the incident.

No arrests have been made, though the Turlock Police Department did forward the case to the district attorney’s office to review and determine if a charge of negligence in storage of a firearm should be filed against the adult.