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Loss prevention agent hit with insect killer in robbery

Two women suspected of shoplifting made their escape from the store by spraying a loss prevention agent with a high-powered bug spray, the Turlock Police Department reported.

The loss prevention agent was able to wipe the spray from his face before it caused any injury, said Turlock Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Parmley.

One suspect has been apprehended, while the other remains at large.

The incident began around 12:30 p.m. on June 17, when two women were spotted shoplifting at the Home Depot at 2800 Countryside Drive.

The loss prevention agent confronted the two women before they could leave the store.

The two women, later identified as Augustina Chavez, 29, and Lacy Gibbons, 32, began to argue with the agent near the exit doors.

Seeing that they had been caught, Chavez grabbed a can of scorpion killer spray from a nearby shelf and aimed a stream at the agent, according to the police report.

Gibbons then pushed the agent and the two women fled out of the store with their stolen merchandise.

The women left in a vehicle and the description was relayed to Turlock Police officers.

The Special Investigations Unit later located the suspects’ vehicle, but neither of the suspects were inside it.  Gibbons was the registered owner and was called to respond to her vehicle.  When she arrived, she was arrested for robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony. She was booked into the Stanislaus County Jail.

Investigators spoke to Chavez on the phone, but she refused to turn herself in.  She is currently wanted for the felony charges of robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony.