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More details released on officer-involved shooting
Turlock officer involved shooting
This screenshot from Officer Juan Arroyo’s body camera footage shows suspect Corey Pollard raise something in his hand and move toward Officer Donna Anthieny right before Officer Arroyo shoots Pollard in the arm (Image contributed).

The Turlock Police Department released more information on the officer involved shooting, including bodycam footage and the dispatch call.

The shooting on April 10 left the suspect, Corey Pollard, 37, of Turlock, with one gunshot wound to his arm.

“The Turlock Police Department understands how officer-involved shootings can have a significant impact for both the community and law enforcement and public trust is our top priority,” said Turlock Police Chief Jason Hedden. “It is crucial for us to prioritize transparency and accountability, and through these investigations, to maintain public trust and ensure justice is served.”

At 5:06 a.m. April 10, the police department received a call of a suspicious person in the 900 block of Vermont Avenue. The caller stated the man was looking into vehicles. 

The first officer, Juan Arroyo, arrived at the scene and attempted to make contact with Pollard, who fled on foot. As the second officer, Donna Anthieny, arrived on-scene, the officers ordered Pollard to comply, but he did not.  

The officers could see Pollard trying to hide behind an SUV and could see a black object in his hand, suspected to be a weapon of some sort.

The bodycam footage shows Anthieny start to move back to her patrol car to fetch her K9. Pollard comes out from behind the SUV and is moving towards Anthieny with one arm raised, giving the impression that he was coming at her with a knife.

Arroyo ordered Pollard to stop but he kept moving towards Anthieny so Arroyo fired one shot, striking Pollard in the arm.

Pollard sustained a single gunshot wound to the right shoulder. Pollard was medically treated on-scene before being transferred to a Modesto area hospital for further treatment and evaluation. He was subsequently released and booked into the Stanislaus County Jail for resisting arrest and assault on a peace officer.  

The object that Pollard had in his hand was recovered at the scene. It was a piece of black plastic.

Arroyo has been with the Turlock Police Department for three years and prior to that he was with the Modesto Police Department for seven years. Anthieny has been with the Turlock Police Department for five years.

The Turlock Police Department is conducting two investigations into the incident — one for the criminal aspect and the other for administration. The Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office also is conducting a separate investigation.

This was the second time Pollard has been shot by a police officer. In 2015, Pollard, who was 28 at the time, was shot multiple times by a senior Oakland Police officer.  

According to an article on the incident, the officer and the rookie he was training, were flagged down by Pollard’s mother, who told them her son was armed with a knife and was acting erratically. 

The officers told Pollard to repeatedly put down the knife but he refused. At one point he lunged at them with the knife in what was described as a “threatening manner” and the senior officer shot him multiple times. 

Family members told that Pollard had a history of mental illness.