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Nosy neighbor earns accolades for thwarting theft
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The Turlock Police Department has awarded a commendation to a citizen for his pivotal role in apprehending three burglars.

The Certificate of Commendation was awarded to David Bell at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Bell was honored by the police department for his help in apprehending the suspects.

On Nov. 9, 2010, Bell noticed some suspicious activity at his neighbor’s home. Knowing that his neighbors were not at home, Bell continued to keep his eyes peeled on the property.

When he saw three individuals start to enter the home, he called the police department and remained on the phone with dispatch, giving them a detailed account of the burglars’ movements in the home and their descriptions.

As a result of Bell’s actions, the officers were able to catch the three men in the act of burglarizing the home and take them into custody.

In accepting the award, Bell played down his role, stating it was something any of his neighbors would have done for him if the situation was reversed.

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