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One car hit in drive-through, another urinated on
TPD crime scene

At least two people in town need a refresher on drive-through etiquette after some bad behavior Sunday.

One incident involved a man urinating on the car in front of him and the other involved a car backing into another and then leaving the scene.

The first incident happened around 1:30 a.m. Sunday at the Taco Bell at 2700 Geer Road.

The Turlock Police Department reported Ryan Vargas, 18, was a passenger in a car in the drive-through lane. Apparently Vargas had reached the limit on his ability to hold it in and he exited the car and urinated on the car waiting in front of him.

The driver of the car that Vargas urinated on refused to move, thus boxing in Vargas and his driver until the police could arrive. The driver didn’t want to press charges, but the police did arrest Vargas for being drunk in public.

The second incident happened about an hour later at the Jack in the Box at 100 N. Golden State Boulevard.

A blue BMW with the license plate number 4NOE573 backed into a car waiting in the drive-through line. The driver then sped out of the drive-through.

The driver of the vehicle that was hit was able to give police the license plate number and a description of the driver.

The vehicle has not been seen at the registered owner’s address as of yet and the case remains open.