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Parole granted for man convicted of killing 10-month-old baby
parole board

A Turlock man convicted in the death of an infant has been deemed suitable for parole after a hearing with the State Parole Board.

Fernando Arreola, 44, of Turlock was found suitable for parole at the hearing on Nov. 3, with the Commissioners finding he had gained insight into his crime and that his risk of future violence had been mitigated.

This was Arreola’s fifth parole hearing. A prior finding of suitability for parole by the Board in 2014 had been reversed by Gov. Jerry Brown. 

Deputy District Attorney Sandra Bishop appeared at the hearing and argued for continued confinement. The Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office stated the argument for continued confinement was based on the cruel and callous nature of the offense and the vulnerability of the victim. They also believed the prison psychiatric assessment indicated Arreola could present a risk for future violence.

Arreola was convicted by jury of second degree murder on Jan. 19, 1995 for the 1993 killing of 10-month-old Jordan Allen. The Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office said Arreola had denied responsibility for the baby’s death at trial, on appeal and twice at parole hearings. During a parole hearing in 2012 he stated he had killed the baby, according to the district attorney’s office.

At his most recent hearing, Arreola admitted that during the five months that he lived with the baby he had abused him at least 30 times prior to the attack which caused the baby’s death, according to the district attorney’s office.

Arreola’s grant of parole now returns to the Governor’s Office for review.