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Red light runner lands in jail
alexis cervantes
Alexis Cervantes

A failure to stop for a red traffic light ended with two men in custody on narcotic, weapon and other charges, the Turlock Police Department reported.

A Turlock Police officer was in the area of E. Main Street and Golden State Boulevard around 2:42 a.m. Sunday. The officer observed a vehicle drive through the intersection on a red light at a high rate of speed, said Turlock Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Parmley.

The officer attempted to make a traffic enforcement stop by catching up to the vehicle and activating the lights and sirens on the patrol vehicle, but to no avail.

The driver of the speeding car continued through three more intersections on E. Main Street, ignoring the stop signs at each.

Then in the 400 block of E. Main Street the driver decided to pull over and stop.

The driver was identified as Alexis Javier Cervantes, 23, of Delhi. He was showing “objective symptoms of intoxication” and agreed to participate in a field sobriety test, Parmley said.

At the conclusion of the field sobriety test, Cervantes was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated.

A search incident to arrest revealed a container in Cervantes’ possession that contained narcotics.

The passenger, Saul Lara, 23, of Delhi was arrested after officers located a loaded and concealed firearm under his seat.  

Both men were booked into jail for their respective charges. 

saul lara
Saul Lara