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Thief injured in auto break-in
Turlock Police Cars

A suspected thief is in custody after injuring himself while allegedly trying to break into a car in downtown Turlock.

Late Tuesday night a Turlock Police officer was flagged down near the police station and told of a drunk and injured man causing a disturbance at Staley’s on Main Street. The man was bleeding from a leg wound, but refused offers of medical aid.

Officers found 22-year-old David Rivera-Cruz in the area with what initially appeared to be a stab wound to the leg, according to the police report.

Rivera-Cruz was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of the injury.

A short time later officers are flagged down in the area where Rivera-Cruz was found. This time it is for an auto burglary in the 100 block of S. Center Street.

At the scene officers find one of the car’s windows has been shattered and there is blood around the area.

Suspecting this was how Rivera-Cruz sustained his injury, Officer make contact with him at the hospital, where he is found in possession of property taken from the vehicle.

Rivera-Cruz was charged with auto burglary and possession of stolen property.