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Thief’s escape ends on rooftop
Alma Garcia
Alma Garcia

A woman took the term cat burglar to the extreme in Turlock on Wednesday when her theft from a local business led to her getting stuck up on the roof and the fire department had to come to her rescue.

The incident was reported around 3 a.m. Wednesday at the Safeway store at 3051 Countryside Dr.

The woman, who was identified by the Turlock Police Department as Alma Garcia, 35, of Modesto had been asked to leave the store, but refused to do so, said Turlock Police Sgt. Mike Parmley.

Garcia gained entry to the attic and had made her way up to the roof when officers arrived at the store.

The police department requested the Turlock Fire Department respond to the scene with a ladder that would be tall enough to reach the roof. Once there, the officers were able to take Garcia into custody.

She had caused about $400 in damage to the store and was arrested on suspicion of vandalism, theft and public intoxication.