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Zero tolerance casualty of suspected drunken driver
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A Denair man suspected of drunken driving took out a zero tolerance sign, a  no parking sign, and caused damage to his own vehicle, before heading back home.
According to the Turlock Police Department, Bruce Ashley, 52, of Denair was driving on Monte Vista Avenue Friday morning, when he hit the zero tolerance sign posted at the city limits. He continued driving up on the sidewalk and struck the no parking sign, said Lt. Ron Reid.
Ashley continued driving westbound on Monte Vista with a flat tire, until he turned around at Crowell, and headed back towards Crowell Road.
“Luckily we had a citizen that followed the suspect home to Denair and stood by,” Reid said.
The citizen pointed out the house and positively identified Ashley as the driver.
A preliminary blood alcohol test for Ashley came back at .16 and .17, twice the legal limit.
He was booked for driving under the influence and hit and run.