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Alex Knapp breaks the mold of high school cliques
ss- alex knapp
Denair High's Alex Knapp is involved in an assortment of extracurricular activities that are as varied as the student body itself.

High schools are commonly split into social groups by nature of student interests. But every so often, there is a student that transcends the expectations of a singular social group and at Denair High School that student is Alex Knapp.

Alex has her hand in an assortment of extracurricular activities that are as varied as the student body itself. She was recently chosen by her peers to be crowned Varsity Homecoming Queen of DHS. She is on the school volleyball and tennis teams, and is part of the Associated Student Body through her role as rally commissioner. She is also in the academic decathlon class.

“It’s basically a club, but at our school we’re allowed to enroll in the academic decathlon as a class. We study 10 different subjects and in February we will compete against other schools in the county,” Alex explained.

When she isn’t competing physically or mentally, Alex participates in Girl Scouts, an organization that she has been involved in for 13 years. Since she received her Gold Award, the equivalent of an Eagle Scout in Boys Scouts, she mostly helps younger troops and performs community service through the organization.

Alex will graduate in the spring and intends to enroll at a four-year school within the California State University system, possibly CSU Sacramento or San Diego State. She plans to study Recreational Studies and intends to continue her extracurricular involvement at the college level.

“I will more than likely join intramural sports, maybe a sorority. It just depends upon which university I attend,” she said.

Until graduation day, Alex plans to stay involved in the DHS community in as many ways as possible.