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Crowell 6th grader has a caring heart
character counts pic
Crowell Elementary sixth grader Mareena Daleth is known for her caring personality. - photo by JONATHAN MCCORKELL / The Journal

May Character Counts Student: Mareena Daleth, Crowell Elementary

Nominated by: Terry Souza, Crowell Elementary Assistant Principal


Crowell Elementary sixth grader Mareena Daleth, 12, is one of those kids who you just know is a good kid.

Mareena is a leader amongst the students at Crowell because of her unlimited ability to care about others and her zeal for life.

On top of being a straight ‘A’ student her list of activities and accomplishments is most impressive. She is involved in student council, community clean-up, her church at New Life Christian, and Turlock Youth Cheer.

“She is so understanding and sensitive to others’ needs and she really cares. She mentors and tutors classmates older and younger at school,” said Crowell Assistant Principal Terry Souza.

Mareena’s mother, Pam, is admittedly strict on her daughter but with understanding, respect and caring. She has taught her daughter one of the most important things in life; how to think and care about how others’ feel.

“When someone is not being nice to her she puts herself into the other person’s shoes and thinks about where they are coming from. Maybe they are mean because they come from a bad home situation and that is just the way they act out,” explained Pam.

In her free time Mareena enjoys riding her scooter, playing video games, watching television, cheerleading and she likes to write stories. When she grows up she hopes to be a teacher, writer or veterinarian.

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