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Delhi seniors reflect on high school careers
delhi interview
Delhi High School senior Jennifer Ramirez is interviewed by parent/ DUSD School Board Member Brenda Saavedra (far left) and parent volunteer Nikki Nightengale. The interview is part of the senior portfolio program for graduating seniors at DHS. - photo by JONATHAN MCCORKELL / The Journal

Delhi High School seniors will be graduating in just a matter of days and thanks to a unique program they can look back at their time in high school and reflect on what they learned about themselves and life.
The senior portfolio program’s purpose is give students the opportunity to write several essays on a wide range of topics such as a college admissions, what book was most inspirational to them, what or who inspired them in their lives, why they deserve to graduate and even their own eulogy.

In addition, seniors created their resumes and obtained letters of recommendations from teachers. With resumes and portfolios in hand graduating seniors participated in mock interviews with Delhi professionals working in areas like private business, academia and public employees from organizations the Merced County District Attorney’s office and the U.S. Armed Forces.

“The interview process is a good way for the students to present who they are to someone other than their teachers they see every day. This is what they will experience in the real world when they look for jobs,” said Assistant Principal Diana Jimenez. “The portfolio is a presentation of findings after a school year of self-reflecting.”

Jimenez said the eulogy may be morbid to some people but the impact really awakens seniors to what matters most in life.

“It gives them the chance to see how they want to live their lives. How they want to be known and remembered,” she said.

Senior Jennifer Ramirez, who will be attending UC Merced’s nursing program next school year, was moved by her self-reflections.

“It really warmed my heart to look back and to see I have been able to accomplish everything I wanted to do while I was here at Delhi High School,” she said.

During her interview Ramirez was asked what sets her apart from other students, to which she responded: “I think my dedication and determination to reach my goals.”

Ramirez was active in the Helping Hawks, a service club dedicated to helping the less fortunate. She spent many community service hours serving food at the Turlock We Care homeless shelter.

“I never really appreciated everything I have in my life. You kind of take things for granted, but after seeing how much just a simple plate of food meant to the homeless I know how much I have in life now. It was a really good experience,” she said.

In her high school career she has maintained good grades and she will graduate with over a 3.5 grade point average.

“I think the interview process was very helpful because it gave me a taste of what a real job interview will be like,” she said.
The portfolio program also fills college entrance and graduation requirements for seniors due to the depth and length of essays.