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DUSD enlists transportation services of Storer
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After soliciting bids from quailed pupil transportation companies in the region, Denair Unified School has turned to Storer Coachways in an effort to provide drivers to operate four of the District’s buses for the remainder of the school year.

At the DUSD Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, Board members unanimously voted to approve a bid from Storer to provide personal services for home-to-school and extracurricular transportation. Prior to the contract, Storer had supplied drivers to the District on an emergency basis.

Based on 10,000 minutes of extracurricular activities, the estimated cost to the district totals to $75,400 for Storer Services, an amount DUSD will pull from current 2014-2015 transportation appropriations. The actual cost is subject to change depending on extracurricular trip requests.

Along with finalizing its contract with Storer, the Board also approved a resolution that will effectively eliminate the transportation supervisor position within the District. This change comes from a lack of work, as the responsibilities previously carried out by the position will now be performed through Storer.

“However, as part of the contract with Storer, we’ve requested that a position be offered that is equivalent to the transportation supervisor at their facilities,” said Chief Business Officer Linda Covello during Thursday’s meeting. “The transportation supervisor will also go on the 39 Month Rehire List, so if the position was brought back to the District, they would be entitled to that position.”