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Dutcher honored for aiding academic success of all students

A new title awarded to Dutcher Middle School shows that the road to achieving academic success is not bolstered, and especially not hindered, by the socio-economic status of a student.  

Turlock Unified School District announced Thursday that the middle school was honored as a Star School by the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence since the school possesses a significant population of socio-economically disadvantaged students that have also demonstrated a significant increase in grade-level proficiency over time.

“Marvin A. Dutcher Middle School is so proud to be recognized by California’s business community as an Honor Roll school,” said Superintendent Sonny Da Marto. “Our teachers and administrators work tirelessly to keep the focus on high expectations and student academic achievement and to continuously improving out practices.”

“This hard work and dedication is paying off for all of our students, no matter their background,” continued Da Marto.

The Star School title was just one award included in the CBEE 2014 Honor Roll. The other award was the CBEE Scholar School title, which encompasses schools that show significant levels of academic achievement, but do not have a significant population of socio-economically disadvantaged students.

Together, these schools represent only 1,851 public schools statewide, with 1,328 schools being named Star Schools and 523 being named Scholar Schools.

“Many of our high performing schools are not getting the recognition they deserve,” said Lee Blitch, CBEE Chairman and past CEO, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. “These schools that succeed in reducing the achievement gap and preparing their students for college and careers should be celebrated.”

“There are schools all over California that are leaders in ensuring their students are getting the best quality of education. Those schools need to be recognized,” continued Blitch.

Supported by numerous business and organizations, including State Farm, Macy’s, Wells Fargo, Southern California Auto Club, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the California Business Roundtable, and several probate foundations, the Honor Roll only takes into consideration academic achievement growth and the closing of the achievement gap when it comes to recognizing schools.

“The American education system has a secret. Many schools are doing well…the Honor Roll proves it,” said Jim Lanich, CBEE president. “Students are achieving at higher levels than anyone admits and more students than ever are succeeding when given the opportunity.”

“All schools, no matter what zip code they are in, can achieve this kind of success and leadership from the business community is critical to ensuring successes for all students,” continued Lanich.

A full list of the Honor Roll schools can be found at