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MJC event to give matriculating students a head start
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For many high school seniors poised to receive their long-awaited and well-deserved diplomas in May, the academic journey is far from over.

To aid those aspiring to attend college in the fall, Modesto Junior College is hosting New Student Day, where high school seniors can receive priority registration and assistance when taking that next significant step.

“Attending New Student Day is one of the best ways for high school seniors to get their college education off to a great start,” said Flerida Arias-Zaragoza, director of TRIO Pre-College Programs at MJC. “Prospective students should take advantage of this opportunity to get ahead and get the classes they need at MJC next fall.”

During New Student Day, high school seniors who attend can obtain a priority registration appointment by breezing through the steps of application, orientation, assessment, and educational advising all in one day.

Those who receive priority registration appointments for Fall 2015 can register as early as the end of April, while registration for MJC’s fall classes begins on May 4. Students may also begin registering for summer classes beginning on March 30.

Students will also be able to attend various sessions, wherein which they will learn how to use PiratesNet to line up their fall class schedules and access their student email, and a number of campus tours.

“I think this event is important because it creates a stronger relationship between the community colleges and local high schools,” said Arias-Zaragoza. “It also creates more of an open door and shows that we’re here to help you.”

Under statewide regulations, students must be fully matriculated in order to receive priority registration. To be considered fully matriculated, students must have completed orientation, assessment, which includes testing for placement in math, reading, and English classes, and advising that provides them with an abridged, one semester educational plan.

“This helps build a stronger bridge for students as high school seniors coming on to our campus,” said Arias-Zaragoza. “We believe in helping them be successful from matriculation to when they graduate—whether they graduate with a degree, certificate, or if they transfer.”

High school seniors interested in attending are encouraged to begin the enrollment process prior to New Student Day by filling out an online application. Online applications can be found at by clicking on the orange “Apply to MJC Now” button at the top.

Modesto Junior College’s New Student Day will take place at 8 a.m. on Saturday in the Main Auditorium of the Performing and Media Arts center on East Campus. Attendance and campus parking are free.

For more information on New Student Day or enrolling at MJC, call 575-6789.