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Perfect attendance runs in Turlock family
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Debbie Scott has always put an importance on attending school. As a student, her yearning for school led to a perfect attendance record. When Scott became a mother, she passed on her love of school to her girls, who attend school every single day. 

“I encourage my daughters to go to school every day,” Scott said. “It helps them stay ahead so they don’t get behind and it sets the pace for later on.”

So far, all three of her girls have perfect attendance.

Sabrina Scott, 20, graduated from Pitman High School in 2008 with perfect attendance. Stephanie Scott, 16, is entering into her junior year at Pitman High with perfect attendance so far; and Samantha Scott, 14, is entering into her freshman year at Pitman High, also with perfect attendance.

The tradition started with Debbie Scott when she reached her accomplishment of perfect attendance for 12 years of school, she said. Her parents didn’t force it upon her; she was just one of those girls that loved to learn.

“I liked going to school,” Debbie Scott said. 

Since then, Scott has pushed her daughters to attend school every single day, not only to continue her legacy, but to do well in school and stay on top of their studies.

There have been times when her three girls were sick or they needed to attend a doctor’s appointment, but Scott found a way around the bumps in the road to make sure they continued to get their education every day.

The worst case so far for one of her daughters was a bad cold that could have made it easy for her to stay at home and rest, but Sabrina pushed through it and attended school through the stuffy nose and congestion.

“There is no reason to miss school,” Scott said. “You can work around everything.”

Even a funeral was worked around to keep her daughters in school so they wouldn’t get behind in their studies.

Not missing a day of school not only is a requirement but it has also become somewhat of a habit to the Scott girls.

“I have grown to know that even if I am sick I have to go to school,” Samantha said. “It’s like an instinct.”

The main motivation to get out of bed every morning for the girls is that it will be easier for them to get better grades.

“It is easier to get good grades if you go to school every day,” Sabrina said. “It is more work when you miss school because you have to make up the work you missed.”

The Turlock Unified School District has found that it is difficult for students to stay up on their studies when they miss school and started their “Just Say Go” program to push students to attend school every day. They found that for every day a student misses of school they fall three days behind.

Scott is hoping that her perfect attendance legacy will continue on with her grandchildren.

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