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Retiring teachers honored, voice their appreciation for district
Steve Feaver is one of 18 long-time Turlock school district teachers that decided to retire this year. Feaver has taught physical education at Turlock High for 38 years, along with pioneering the school’s water polo teams. - photo by Journal file photo
Marsha Memmott has spent the last 30 years teaching English to Turlock eighth graders. She has spent 30 years correcting grammar, grading essays, and explaining when to use “who” and when to use “whom.” After all of those years of dedication to Turlock students and their education, Memmott is retiring from her job at Turlock Junior High School.
“I just feel like it is time for me to go,” Memmott said.
Memmott was one of five district employees recognized at the May 5 TUSD board meeting for their years of service to Turlock schools. At Tuesday’s meeting 18 more employees were recognized. Several of those employees came and received the recognition in person, taking the chance to say a few words about the district they have served for many years.
“All I can say is it’s been great working for this district. They are the best,” said Malvern Cornell, who recently retired after working in the district for 34 years.
Teachers retiring this year were offered either $30,000 or two years credit on retirement. The Turlock Unified School Board approved this incentive, called a golden handshake, in order to save the district an estimated $1 million.
Sonny Da Marto, superintendent of TUSD, said at a board meeting in May that offers like this one are not made every year.
“I can’t speak for the board, but I will not be recommending a golden handshake in the near future. This is probably a one-time opportunity for a long time, unless the board makes another decision,” Da Marto said.
Memmott, for one, took the opportunity to retire this year with an incentive. She said she has plans to travel and do volunteer work now that she has retired.
“I’ve always wanted to see the world. Now that I have the time, I think I will,” Memmott said.
Memmott plans to spend her first summer as a retiree traveling in Europe. She is going on a river cruise from Switzerland to Belgium. In September she plans to go on an Alaskan cruise, and then she will travel to Italy in November. She said that she is not leaving the Turlock school system entirely, and she plans to return as a substitute teacher after her travels. Memmott, who most recently served as president of the Turlock Teachers Association, will continue to help out with association communications.
“I’ll still be here,” Memmott said.
Other retirees and their years of service include: Dana Blackburn, 38 years; Chuck Boswell, 21 years; Doone Cockrell, 30 years; Malvern Cornell, 34 years; Ben Culala, 34 years; Diann Dickmeyer, 25 years; Steve Feaver, 38 years; Kathy Freitas, 23 years; Rita “LaJune” Grove, 28 years; Mark Hammond, 23 years; Lois Johnson, 22 years; Julie Krohn, 26 years; Sheila Landre, 30 years; Marsha Lang, 37 years; Betty Lodewyck, 24 years; Pat McGuire, 31 years; Nanci Navarro, 22 years; Michael Stokes, 33 years; Patrick Fuller, 33 years; Ron Scheer, 30 years; Deborah Gonsalves, 24 years; and Kathleen Barrell, 21 years.
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