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Russell Olvera: From sports to board games, an active achiever
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Russell Olvera

High school is often the time in a student’s academic career when he or she explores extracurricular activities, usually in hopes of enhancing their transcripts for college. Russell Olvera is far ahead of the trend with a long resume of activities that most teenagers aspire to — and he is only in the third grade at Walnut Elementary.

Whether it’s mastering a computer program or trying his hand at a variety of sports, Russell likes to stay active. Having played baseball and soccer, Russell likes to be active at home as well and especially enjoys riding bikes with his family. For the past five years he has also done gymnastics, where he favors the rings most.

“Under the rings there is a pit filled with big, fluffy cubes so it’s not too bad when you fall,” said Russell, who mentioned that sometimes falling is the most fun part.

When he isn’t busy playing sports, Russell most enjoys studying math at school and he uses this numerical side of his brain for one of his favorite activities at home: board games, his favorite being
Monopoly. Noted as “business-minded” by his mother Jeanette Olvera, the savings-oriented board game education is paying off as Russell is already developing mature saving habits having recently opened a savings account. With a family trip to Disneyland on the horizon, Russell is determined to set aside some savings ahead of time.

“He will wash cars, help organize towels, and really do any chores. He likes to save and carry his wallet around,” said Jeanette.   

Russell is not only interested in saving for his own goals, but also helps give back to those in need in the community by participating in Cub Scouts. He recently rang bells for the annual Salvation Army Christmas kettle fundraiser and helped make no-sew blankets for a local animal shelter. One Cub Scouts activity that he is particularly looking forward to is the Pinewood Derby, a competition that allows scouts to race wooden cars they made and painted themselves. Last year Russell placed second, and with the goal of first place this year, he is looking forward to the challenge. However, win or lose, there is still Disneyland to look forward to.