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Target donates money to Turlock schools
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Money donated to Turlock Schools in 2010

Turlock Christian High School                       $1,557.36

Turlock High School                                       $919.48

Dennis Earl Elementary School                      $670.37

Julien Elementary School                                $639.37

Chatom Elementary School                            $589.59

Sacred Heart School                                       $577.69

Crowell Elementary School                            $326.58

Turlock Junior High School                            $265.07

Dutcher Middle School                                  $246.62

Osborn Elementary School                             $219.14

Brown Elementary School                              $216.52

Pitman High School                                        $214. 96

Walnut Elementary School                             $214.25

Medeiros Elementary School                          $175.87

Cunningham Elementary School                    $168.46

Wakefield Elementary School                        $129.79


Information provided by Target


With education being shortchanged in the recent down-economic years, funding has become a major problem at many local schools. Some businesses are stepping in to fill the gap left by an ever-shrinking budget, including Target’s Take Charge of Education program.

“With all the restrictions and lack of funds, we greatly appreciate this donation from Target,” said Linda Murphy-Lopes, principal at Julien Elementary School.

The program lets Target shoppers donate one percent of their purchases to a school of their choice using a Target Red Card.

“It allows the consumer to sit in the driver seat,” said Joshua Thomas, Target spokesperson.

The Take Charge of Education program started in 1997 and has given more than $295 million nationally to 125,000 schools including schools in the Turlock area.

Target shoppers can sign up for a Target Red Card credit card or debit card and one percent of the purchases will be donated to a school of the shopper’s choice. Shoppers can choose any school. Any K-12 school is available for selection.

Murphy-Lopes enrolled in the Red Card program to donate to her own school.

“I personally have my Target purchases dedicated to this school because it makes a difference,” she said.

This year Turlock Christian High School has received the most money out of the Turlock schools at $1,557.36.

Some schools use the money for those little extras that they normally couldn’t have with their regular budget.

“We have used it for student activities such as assemblies, student incentives; extras that we cannot fund through our categorical budget,” Murphy-Lopes said.

Chatom Elementary School uses the money for assemblies, reading rewards, incentives and Red Ribbon week activities, said Chanda Rowley, Chatom Elementary principal.

Crowell Elementary School also uses the money to give back to their students.

“All the money goes back to students,” said Linda Alaniz, principal at Crowell Elementary. “We usually buy incentives for the students’ academic or behavior achievements throughout the year.

I believe it has helped keep students excited and motivated in school when they receive some recognition for their accomplishments.”

Every fall Target writes out a check for the schools participating in the Take Charge of Education program to start off the school year with some extra funds, Thomas said. There are also no restrictions on how the schools use the funds.

“The local school can choose how they want to spend the money,” he said.

Since the start of the program in 1997, Turlock High School has received the most funds out of the Turlock schools at $20,055.28, with Turlock Christian High School falling in second at $18,514.23.

Those interested in enrolling into the Take Charge of Education program can visit, to sign up for a Target Red Card.

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