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Turlock student makes Yosemite an experience for the books
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Carolyn Boster had her Yosemite National Park experiences published in the book, "Inspiring Generations: 150 years, 150 stories in Yosemite."

Not every student can claim to be a published writer at 11 years old, but Carolyn Boster is an exception.

After her mother spotted an advertisement in the newspaper for personal stories about people’s experience in Yosemite last year, she encouraged Carolyn to apply. The book titled "Inspiring Generations: 150 years, 150 stories in Yosemite" was compiled in part by the Yosemite Conservancy to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the signing of the land grant by President Abraham Lincoln that would protect Yosemite as a national park for future generations.  Although Carolyn and her family are avid Yosemite lovers who hike and camp regularly, Carolyn chose to write about a more unique experience.

As a student at Medeiros Elementary, Carolyn had the fortune to attend a three day camp in Yosemite as part of her 4th grade class and once more as a 5th grader upon the request of her teacher, Marlene Bergstrom. However, this camp is not a regular outdoors camp but requires students to assume the role of past figures who played an integral part in the development of Yosemite National Park.

“The first day and a half of the trip is spent at the Pioneer Yosemite History Center in Wawona. There, students reenact the days before Yosemite became a national park. The next day and a half is spent camping and hiking in Yosemite Valley. The last day we hike to the top of Vernal Falls,” Carolyn wrote.

While Carolyn got to experience the unique overnight camp experience more than once, it was the extended stay of her second trip that made the trip so memorable. After a transportation mix up, the class was able to extend their trip to include dinner, an outdoor film about Yosemite and a night hike.

 “We got to have an experience that no other class gets. On our night hike we searched for moon bows, which are like rainbows but at night. Although we didn’t find any it was still really cool,” said Carolyn.

Once Carolyn arrived home safely she continued with school as any normal student does, but she holds her experiences in Yosemite close to her heart.

“Because of all of these wonderful memories, Yosemite National Park is one of my favorite places on earth,” wrote Carolyn.

When Carolyn isn’t writing or visiting Yosemite with her family, which she does about five times a year, she is busy cultivating other interests. Now a 7th grader at Turlock Junior High School, she plays basketball and golf as well as the tuba in the school band and at her church. She has also been a part of several productions at Denair Gaslight Theater and studies hard at school as part of the new STEM program which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Despite her extracurricular activities, Carolyn always finds time to make it down to Yosemite and plans to continue to make memories in Yosemite for years to come.