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TUSD students welcome school year with high expectations
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Cunningham Elementary School students returned with big backpacks and even bigger goals on Thursday for the first day back to school in Turlock Unified School District.

Whether it was validated by overflowing backpacks, carefully planned outfits, or the babbling of excited students and teachers, Thursday marked the beginning of yet another lively academic year for Turlock Unified School District.


For Cunningham Elementary School sixth grader Ruby Parada, Thursday morning not only marked the beginning of another school year, but it also signified her last year before progressing onto junior high.


Parada, who spent her summer staying cool and swimming with her cousin, said that she is looking forward to learning more and achieving success by studying even more for math, which she said would be her most challenging subject.


“This year, I want to pass sixth grade and get good grades,” said Parada.


Second grader Anahi Morales was dropped off by her father Rene Morales on Thursday morning for her first day of school as well. Although she spent the summer visiting Colorado and attending festive quiñceaneras, she said that she is excited to return to school to meet her new teacher and make new friends.


“I want to study more so I can get good grades and have cheerleading,” said Morales.


Kevyn Robles was also more than ready for his first day back on Thursday at Cunningham Elementary. The fifth grader, who came prepared after a summer filled with summer school and fun with his parents, was looking forward to making new friends and celebrating old friends this year.


Robles said that he is worried that he hasn’t studied enough in the past, but hopes to correct that this year by studying more in order to achieve academically.


“My goal is to get my brain started and not let it sleep,” said Robles.


Principal Tami Truax spent the first morning back visiting with parents, who dropped off their children, as well as meeting and greeting students back to the elementary campus.


“We had a very smooth first day,” said Truax. “It appeared that parents, students and teachers were really thrilled to be back. It definitely was a positive start to the year.”


In addition to making sure that each and every student that reaches his or her highest potential, she hopes to reflect the TUSD Five Initiative, which details effective instruction, collaboration, positive student engagement, instructing students with new Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, and technology.

“We want to achieve high academic success for every child, while doing it through the lens of the TUSD Five Initiative,” said Truax.


 Interim Superintendent Dana Salles Trevethan said that this year will not see a change in any start or dismissal times, and all schedules will be posted on each respective school’s site and the District website.


Additionally, in an effort to promote College and Career Readiness, students in seventh grade through 12th grade will have the ability to possess their ID cards in a number of ways-- on a lanyard, in their wallets, or in their pockets—while on campus in order to more closely mirror college, career and real-life expectations and procedures.


Students will be required to have their ID cards available daily for accessing library books, purchasing meals, and entering curricular and co-curricular activities.


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