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Voters reject re-election bids of Delhi school board members who were subject of investigation
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Delhi residents made it clear that they will not tolerate the actions of former Delhi Unified School District Board members Eric Castillo and Jesus Rodriguez by denying them both bids for re-election on Tuesday.

Although both members were able to escape censure at a special DUSD Board meeting in September, they were not able to escape retaliation from the community. Both Board members lost their bids for re-election, as well fellow Board member Vidal Preciado. Only one incumbent, Brenda Saavedra, was able to secure her bid.

Along with Saavedra, new faces including Lee Scott Ridge, Zeke Nelson, and Jewelee Hotchkiss will carry out full terms as Board members with DUSD. Additionally, Laronna Talai White will assume a short term position after former Board member Patricia Rowan prematurely resigned two years into her term.

Castillo received 136, or 4.65 percent, out of 2,923 total votes for a full term DUSD Board member position. Saavedra was the top vote getter with 15.98 percent of the votes.

Rodriguez garnered 286, or 33.03 percent, out of 866 total votes for the short term DUSD Board member position. Rodriguez was running against White and Andres Garza III. White earned 46.30 percent and Garza earned 20.44 percent.

Evidence found by an external investigator proved that Castillo had either intentionally or inadvertently leaked confidential information to his wife regarding the employment status of a former Delhi teacher. This issue was brought up when the former teacher learned that he or she was not going to be re-hired within the district two weeks prior to receiving official notice.

Former Board member Rodriguez conducted a number of unethical activities, including spreading sexual rumors and sexually degrading descriptions about district employees. Sufficient evidence also proved that Rodriguez disclosed confidential information and violated district protocols related to requesting information from staff.