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Wakefield students honored for trustworthiness
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Wakefield Elementary students Vanessa Flores (left) and Dilpreet Kaur stand with Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees President Frank Lima. Flores and Kaur were honored as TUSD Character Counts students of the month. This months trait is trustworthiness. Both girls also had perfect scores on their state academic tests. - photo by Photo Contributed

October Character Counts Students: Vanessa Flores and Dilpreet Kaur, Wakefield Elementary


Wakefield Elementary School students Dilpreet Kaur, 9, and Vanessa Flores, 11, both scored a perfect 600 on their California State Test for academic standards but perhaps what is even more impressive is their character.

On Tuesday, Dilpreet, a fourth grader and Vanessa, a sixth grader, were honored as October’s Character Counts students of the month for the trait of trustworthiness during the Turlock Unified School District’s Board of Trustees meeting.

Both girls are quiet and reserved but both realize the power of trustworthiness and in life there is nothing more important than people’s ability to trust in you and to trust in yourself. Vanessa hopes to be a pediatrician when she grows up and Dilpreet’s goal is to also become a doctor. Undoubtedly, trust is an immeasurable character trait for anyone who wants to help others — especially in the medical field.

“Trustworthiness is about telling the truth, not lying, not cheating and doing your homework,” said Dilpreet.

In the classroom the girls are known for their willingness and ability to help other students.

Their parents were moved by their recognition.

“Vanessa is very dedicated and disciplined. What can I say, we are just so proud of her,” said her father Oscar. “She likes to read a lot. She’s been reading for two or three hours a night now, she doesn’t really watch TV at all,” he added.

Dilpreet’s mother Davinder Kaur said her family moved to the United States in 2006. She is extremely honored that her daughter is excelling and being recognized in school. She said her daughter loves to study and do homework.

Dilpreet’s favorite subject is mathematics and in her free time she said she enjoys “doing homework and doing extra homework.”

Vanessa’s favorite subject is history and she likes to read about and study ancient Egypt and futuristic novels.

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